3 Tips For Eco-Friendly Auto Repair

When your vehicle needs repairs, it's essential to find a repair shop that you're comfortable doing business with. If you're devoted to living an eco-friendly lifestyle, you may prefer an eco-friendly repair shop. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure your auto repairs are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

1. Use Parts From a Salvage Yard

If your vehicle needs repairs, you have a few options for securing the parts to get your car up and running. One option that keeps old vehicles from going to the landfill is selecting used auto parts. It's possible to find parts that have barely been used or that still have a lot of life left in them. 

You can find used automotive parts from a number of spots, including auto salvage yards and retailers who specialize in selling used automotive parts. In some areas, car owners hold swap meets to sell their unwanted, used parts.

When purchasing used parts, make sure that the part is returnable just in case it doesn't work for your vehicle. You should also inquire if the salvage yard or shop offers a guarantee on the part. 

An advantage of going with used parts is that they're often cheaper than their new counterparts. Not only are used auto parts good for the environment, but they're great for your bank account. 

2. Look for a Repair Shop With an Eco-Friendly Set-Up

The waiting room and service desk of a repair shop can tell you a little about their dedication to environmentally friendly practices. For example, it's common for repair shops to offer their customers refreshments while they wait. 

You might look for a shop that has a water cooler where customers can fill their own reusable tumblers rather than offering single-use plastic water bottles. See if the shop has recycling bins for glass and cans from other beverages. 

3. Utilize a Business That Responsibly Disposes of Automotive Fluids

It's necessary to remove and replace the fluids periodically from your vehicle to keep it in good condition. Look for an auto shop that disposes of these automotive fluids in a responsible manner. When auto fluids aren't correctly disposed of, you risk them leaching into the environment and harming animals and humans.

The shop should also use an oil pan to catch any drips that occur when they're changing your oil. Most professional auto shops take fluid disposal seriously, but if you're using a mechanic who does auto work as a side job, they might not adhere to the same stringent requirements. Whenever possible, use an auto shop that recycles your old auto fluids.