Replacing The Battery In Your ATV Or Recreational Off-Road Vehicle

ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and UTVs (utility vehicles) have batteries to start the engine and power lights or other accessories. They may need replacing from time and time, but the batteries that fit these downsized off-road vehicles are often very specific, so you must get the correct one for the machine you own.

Battery Size

The amount of space these vehicles have for a battery is often limited, so ATV batteries are smaller than a car or truck battery, but they can produce nearly as much power. An ATV with a winch or many lights on it needs to have a battery that will not drain too quickly when those accessories are in use. 

Because the space is limited, the battery may have unique connection points or a special pigtail connector that is preinstalled. This can make it possible to make the connection once the battery is secured in the ATV. ATV batteries are often placed under a seat or in an area that is difficult to access, but often that is the only option the manufacturer has to fit the batteries to these vehicles.

The battery's size is critical if it is going to fit correctly in the machine, so a trip to the dealership or a shop that has experience with your ATV model to get a replacement battery is the best place to start. The dealer or parts store will be able to supply you with the correct ATV battery for your machine, so no matter how limited space is, the battery will fit the way the manufacturer designed it. 

Voltage and Amperage

Most ATV batteries are twelve-volt batteries, but that does not mean they are all interchangeable. The battery voltage is crucial because it needs to match the charging system in the ATV. However, the amperage rating is just as critical. This is because ATV batteries' amperage is rated in cranking amps, or the amount of power that the battery produces when the starter is engaged. If the cranking amps are too low for the engine, the battery will have a hard time turning over the engine and starting the vehicle. 

No matter how large the ATV battery is, the power output is the most critical part, and even though ATV batteries are small in size, the power output of some models can be as much as a car or truck battery. When you are replacing ATV batteries, the voltages, the average output, and the size are all critical to keeping your machine running reliably. If you are on a trail far from home, a battery failure could leave you stranded.