Things To Consider When Buying Parts For Your Vehicle

Working on your own car and making repairs can often be rewarding, and finding the parts you need to do the work is as easy as going to the local auto parts store most of the time. When you are ready to buy replacement auto parts, there are some things to consider as you select the part you need for the job.

New Parts

When you buy new auto parts, you will mostly find third-party parts through the local auto parts store. These are new parts, made as direct replacement parts for your vehicle, and they are made to factory specs so they will fit and work the way the original parts on your car did. 

Depending on the part, they will come from one of a few major parts manufacturers, and most of these new parts carry a decent warranty. In some cases, these same manufacturers build the parts for the manufacturers but under the brand of the car being assembled.

If you want to use factory original parts on your car, you will most likely need to go to a local dealership to find the parts. There are some large auto parts stores that have access to factory parts, but it is not common to see them in these stores. 

Remanufactured Parts

Another type of part you may find that will work for your situation is a remanufactured part. These auto parts are made by taking old parts and disassembling them, then cleaning all the parts reused and replacing any parts that are worn, damaged, or defective with new parts. 

Starter motors, alternators, and water pumps are all good candidates for this process, and the cost of a remanufactured part can be significantly lower than a new part that does the same job. Typically remanufactured parts are used in older cars. Still, some manufacturers will remanufacture parts for much more modern cars and trucks if there is a demand for the auto parts.

When you buy remanufactured auto parts, you will pay a core charge when you buy the part. Once you have installed the part on your vehicle, you put the old part in the box that the new one came in and return it to the auto parts store. 

The store will then refund your core charge to you and send the old part to the manufacturer to tear down, clean, repair, and resell. The process is repeated over and over until the core has no usable pieces left, and the part can not be remanufactured. 

To learn more, contact an auto parts store in your area.